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Sri Guru Gita is a Hindu scripture of 216 verses, authored by the sage, Vyasa. It describes a conversation between Lord Shiva and his wife, the Goddess Parvati, in which she asks him to teach her about the Guru. Shiva answers her by describing the Guru principle, the proper ways of worshiping the Guru and the methods and benefits of repeating Sri Guru Gita.

This website is dedicated to the Guru principle and to all the Satgurus who have walked the earth and illumined it by their divine presence. A Satguru is one who embodies the Guru principle, which is the light that dispels the darkness enabling a disciple to discover his or her True Self.

The chanting of Sri Guru Gita, along with other devotional practices of Gurubhakti Yoga, lie at the heart of the ancient Vedic tradition. We have compiled various teachings, practices, chants and scriptures, as well as other inspiring stories and videos of the great Satgurus. We hope these will inspire you on your path toward spiritual liberation.

I surrender to Thee, O adorable Lord,
Supreme teacher of the Universe
Eternally pure, O highest God,
Please teach me of the Satguru.
-Sri Guru Gita

This website is humbly and lovingly offered by devotees to our Satguru, Sri Swami Satchidananda in honor of his 95th birth anniversary, 22 December 2009. OM Shanti.


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    Giovanni Gervasoni Shivananda December 3, 2013

    Swami Satchidananda was a friend of my mother and myself, a great Guru of the highest accomplishments.

    By chance, I found this web site and saw Swamiji’s photo… I remember him well… very well. He let me stay with him several times in the USA and in India… also later when I was in the Devine Life Society headquarters in Risihekesh..

    Please write more about him soon.

  2. Reply
    Anandaraju Palagiri January 8, 2014

    Thanks for everything.

  3. Reply
    Padma Dorje May 18, 2014

    wonderful!!! Thank you so very much. Listen up!

  4. Reply
    Balasundaram Balasanmuganathan September 21, 2014

    I have seen Swami Satchidananda several times at several places in Sri Lanka. Having picture in my album of facebook. He used to visit Nallur Kandaswami car festival every year after moving to USA.
    Thanking you for offering this products by you.

  5. Reply
    SivaBalu January 18, 2015

    Where is lotus feet of Guru?
    Where Entry point of athma?

    Lotus feet of omnipresent Guru is our eyes.
    Spiritual secret. read more at http://www.vallalyaar.com

  6. Reply
    lovelesh dandtiya September 28, 2015

    thanks for my guru

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